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The Bay Area Christian Family has been a publication in Mobile and Baldwin counties for ten plus years, and that has reached countless families, helped grow many businesses, and been an inspiration to many in need. Not too long ago I took a step and made a commitment to purchase ad space in the magazine and had the opportunity to write an article about being a business owner. It was a great opportunity but never would I have thought that I would have the chance to acquire the publication and have the opportunity to lead the reach of a hope-filled Christ-centered magazine to the area.

For starters let me give glory and honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all the blessings, opportunities, and ministry he has allowed me to be a part of. Growing up in Southern Ala, was one of the best things that God could have allowed me to do. The other day someone from another country was asking about where I was from and referenced to the term “redneck.” I had to explain that I proudly accepted the term and welcomed it into the conversation, got to tell him a little about what rednecks were like, and seemingly gave him a sense of attraction to the term after I was done explaining. I love where I am from and I believe God placed me specifically in Mobile for a reason. 

From left to right: Truett, Nicole, Chris, Tag

One of those reasons is giving me a beautiful family. I have been blessed with a beautiful God-fearing wife, Nicole, two amazing beautiful boys, Truett and Tag, and a wonderful family that surrounds us and supports us.  My mother is from Singapore and my father is from Bayou la Batre so if you talk to me on the phone and then you see me in person you may get a sense of confusion that a strong southern accent comes from a guy that does not look like he should have that accent. Most of the time I turn it into comedy and we have a good time with that part of my heritage. 

School is one of the things I like to brag on when the subject comes up. One of my greatest achievements is being able to cram a 4-year undergraduate Bachelor’s of Science degree into seven years. That is a feat that many cannot say they have accomplished. My double major was in Education and History and plan was to become a public school teacher but God had other plans and I took a job as a Youth Pastor directly out of college. God blessed me with some great opportunities, a chance to see masses of youth shift their direction in life from sin to salvation, and be a part of lives within the community I never would have thought to be able to be a part of. 

After seven plus years of full-time ministry God brought me into the business world through entrepreneurship with my first company being a party rental company, CC’s Inflatables, and then shortly after my first publication, The Connection Newspaper, both I still own and operate today. Never having experience in either one of those types of jobs God has given me the tools and continues to lead, guide, and direct in those businesses and was preparing me for this publication unbeknownst to me through my journey.

In Paul’s letter to Philemon he sends a heartwarming encouragement about Philemon’s actions, “Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.”  Paul would go on to write about Onesimus, which was a slave of Philemon and had become a believer in Christ through Paul’s ministry. Paul was encouraging Philemon to welcome Onesimus back as a brother in Christ instead of how culture would normally receive a runaway slave back into possession. In scripture God allows us to learn and grasp lessons that apply to our common circumstances and situations from past events and occurrences in scripture because His word is alive. Here God shows us the gospel’s power to transform people and relationships. My hope is that this publication will not just be something to read while you are waiting for a loved one in a hospital or something you pick up because it has an interesting front cover, but be a gospel centered and powerful piece in helping to transform people and relationships. 

Thank you for allowing me to share with you and continue the hope filled publication to the Mobile and Baldwin counties. If you would like more information on becoming a contributing writer, advertiser, or subscriber to the Bay Area Christian Family Magazine you may contact me directly at 251-300-9800, or email God Bless you and your family.


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