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“Completely the Lord’s provision,” says Chelsey Sayasane of her journey to Fox10. You may have seen Chelsey in the mornings scanning across local broadcasts as she works at Fox10, whom she calls her family. A graduate of Saraland High School and a former Miss Saraland High School, Chelsey figured out that she loved working with the public, though was not sure where that would take her in life. The Lord would soon open the door for a number of opportunities through her life, one being a part of the University of Mobile. “My mom graduated from there, and it was one of the schools I was interested in going to, so we toured it and I fell in love with the college,” Chelsey said. Chelsey would go on in her sophomore year and become Miss University of Mobile. 

She shared that college was great but did not come stress free. Majoring in Communications, though broad, there was a sense of interest in the news field. With the news comes competition with other people in the field, and Chelsey was young in the field but ambitious to opportunities. Being interested she contacted a friend that worked for Fox10 and found out that Chasity (Byrd) Riddick just moved on and there was a spot for a female position on Studio10. “Studio10 was my dream job,” Chelsey said. With that, that same friend she contacted dropped her name in the hat and Chelsey continued on with life at Moka’s Coffee in Saraland. 

As Chelsey prayed for the opportunity, a couple months would pass. “I knew the Lord had something special for me but I was frustrated with the timing because I wanted it on my timing, but this was the one thing I could not control,” Chelsey shared. Whether it was high-school, college, or scholarships she was always one-step ahead but this was the one thing that she could not control and had to give it over to the Lord to handle. After giving all trust to the Lord in the situation, a couple of weeks later a message from a non-friend on Facebook came through her messages. It was a message request from Joe Emer of Fox10 requesting to talk about a position at the station. “I about hit the floor because I was such in awe at the opportunity presenting itself. It was feeling unreal,” Chelsey said. Emer would share that they had done a nationwide search but was reaching out because a couple people at the station shared Chelsey’s name with him, and unbeknownst to Chelsey it was two friends that shared her name. 

There was a bit of fear going into the first meeting Chelsey would share, but they really wanted to know is what kind of human being she was rather than seeing if she had the potential to live up to their expectations. “It was really an amazing interview and gave me a sense of comfort because it showed me how great of a people they are,” Chelsey said. After the interview she was asked to come on set to do some dry runs, meet with managers, and God opened the door on January 28th to be the first day on set. “Looking back, nothing makes sense. After doing a nationwide search of women that had been in the field for years they picked an ambitious young girl from their backyard,” Chelsey said. 

Chelsey and Khan Sayasane

Since then God has been faithful but life has had its hurdles for Chelsey. Back in June of 2019 she lost her dad, Khan Sayasane. Khan immigrated here with his 7 siblings and parents when he was 13 years old. At the age of 16 he was hired by the Chickasaw Housing Authority and worked there until retiring in June of 2019 and passed not long after. The passing of her grandmother would take place 16 days before her father’s passing. One aspect that Chelsey shared she will never forget about her father is that he taught her and her sisters to work hard, go to school, and do the best you can, because not everyone has that opportunity. 

Johnny Sklopan and Chelsey

Not all news was disheartening for the past year for Chelsey. Longtime friend, turned boyfriend their Senior year of high-school at Saraland High, Johnny Sklopan, would pop the question and ask Chelsey to marry him. “It’s been wonderful and one of the things that makes ‘us’ work is that we really enjoy each other. We were friends for a long time before we dated so we knew each other well. We laugh, watch movies together, laugh more, and probably laugh too much, but are excited about this next season of life together,” Chelsey shared. Sklopan has been very close with the family and her sisters especially in the passing of her father. “He takes care of them, and after my father passed he really stepped up and I got to see him in a different light in how he took care of my sisters,” Chelsey said. Sklopan proposed on December 10th and used a lot of people at Fox10 to make it happen, from setting up a fake interview for Chelsey across the bay, to getting the entire sales team to chip in on the proposal. “Before he got down on one knee he shared of the Lord and about how in this marriage we could come together and serve Him, serve one another, and learn how to do that in the new season we were entering,” Chelsey shared. 

Chelsey has since said ‘Yes’ to the dress and is planning her wedding with good friend and former boss Morgan Kelley. You can find Chelsey in the mornings on Studio10 where she helps spotlight what Mobile and Baldwin Counties have to offer from local events and restaurants, to charities and hidden treasures in the community.  Thanks to Faraday Photography for the professional photos.

— Chris Taylor Owner/Editor
Bay Area Christian Family Magazine


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