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How Divine Direction Drives the Care of Many

God’s direction for care has been given to thousands of dementia stricken individuals and families in the south Alabama area under the direction of Gina Germany, owner of Touching Hearts Senior Care.  “Not knowing at the current time”, Gina says, “but in looking back through my life, it is evident God directed me to serve and care for all the people I encounter in my life and business”.  

It Was Not the Law

She felt a calling for law and took many business law classes to prepare her for law school.  But being bogged down in legal research with her eyes glued to pages after pages of legal documents was not satisfying to Gina.  She changed her degree to regular business and right after graduation could not find a job.  Failed interview after interview was frustrating and discouraging but landed her an uplifting and energizing interview with United Way.  After countless vibrant prayers, which she had not conducted after the other interviews, she landed the job. 

With her prayers being answered, this job laid the ground work, Gina says, for her life caring for others. As a cradle catholic, she attended church regularly, now attends Little Flower Catholic Church, but landing this first job with United Way, Gina realized, awakened her spirituality.  With this Divine jolt of career energy, Gina asked God for further direction.

Divine Shot of Energy

That God directed path lead her to an advertising company where she learned how to market and advertise. At the dot com start up she moved over to work with a website design company where she continued developing her advertising skills and learned the many facets of manipulating electronic words along with learning exact wording to have her advertisements well received.  By also being competent to design and create websites also laid the ground work in showing Gina how technology was drastically changing business operations.

Baby Boomer Crescendo

Her new advertising and technology skills brought her to her next job with The American Cancer Society.  It was here, Gina says, where she learned how to raise money and become aware of the soon baby boomer crescendo leading to the dementia tsunami. 

While at the American Cancer Society she met her current husband Richard in which he prompted her move to lower Alabama.  Continual Divine direction and many prayers led her to open Touching Hearts Senior Care a company specifically devoted to caring for ill stricken,  dementia victim seniors.

All Types of Care

But Gina’s care path has had many challenging, demanding and provocative twists and turns.  “Ironically”, Gina says, “I have been a care giver my entire life, professionally and personally”.  

Gina’s caring started early.  With her biological father not wanting to be a part of her life, the mother/daughter bond she had with her mother was intense and iron clad.  Her step father adopted her as an infant with whom she also developed a deep and strong relation.  Both parents directed and guided her not only in raising her own children but unfortunately, through two divorces.  

After caring for her children, care weaned to her own parents with her father becoming septic, recovering yet felling prey to death a year later.  Deep attention and care was even extended to her ex inlaws as well as to her sister whose death at age 47 violently and divinely shook her family. After the murder of her children’s father, another family blow, the morale and vigor of her children spiraled to disaster.  A motorcycle accident crippled her daughter and drug addiction nearly claimed her son.  Through these trying times Gina has ferociously manned and led the ship of her family care.

God was Felt in Lower Alabama

But it was her move to lower Alabama during these difficulties in her life she says, that truly bonded her relationship with God. Every meeting she attended and nearly every professional gathering she was a part of, began in prayer.  With an extensive career previously taking her to various states in the mid west, “this just did not happen”, Gina declares.  “My eyes were opened”, she exclaims, “and I became more aware, more aware of self and my relationship with our maker”.    

Public Prayer Eye Opening

This frequent prayer, this communicating and displaying thanksgiving with God was “eye opening”, Gina touts.  The influence of this open prayer reinforced Gina’s strength to continue her fight to better her family’s health as well as to continue her entrepreneur journey, concentrating in dementia care.  

Gina’s intensity in dementia care lead her in 2010 to begin training her employees specifically in dementia care.  Touching Hearts Senior Care was the first care company in the state of Alabama to require their caregivers to become certified in dementia care.  Being in the senior care business over 12 years has lead to the certification of nearly 100 caregivers.  

With her employee’s trained, Gina herself became a Certified Dementia Practitioner.   Through training under the American Alzheimer’s Association, Gina became a facilitator to conduct an Alzheimer’s/dementia support group.  Today this support group meets four times a month at two locations in south Alabama. 

Conference Open to the Public

Understanding the public’s need for viable, true information on Alzheimer’s and other dementias, in 2012 Gina started a non-profit 501c organization, Gulf Cost Dementia Care, to give education on dementia and Alzheimer’s to individuals touched by Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases.  Under Gina’s direction, every two years this nonprofit host a large daylong conference open to the public.  Nearly every quarter of each year, a forum or small seminar is conducted by this group or by a member of this group.

With various forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s the majority of the dementia diseases,  massacring today’s senior population, Gina is responsible for nudging the public to pay attention.  Coupled with that nudge, she is educating victims and their families with ways to deal and manage the disease.   According to the Alzheimer’s Association2018 annual report, one in 7-9 individuals age 62 and over have some form of dementia and one in two to three age 85 suffer from dementia.  

“Through all my challenges, I now see how God has always been with me to make me strong”, Gina declares. “And every personal and professional position I have held is where God placed me to prepare me to give senior care this community so deserves.” We need more Ginas in the world to continue the fight against dementia.For information on dementia support group meetings, call Touching Hearts Senior Care 251.445.4204.


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