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Isaiah 8:18 “Here am I, and the children the Lord has given me. We are signs and symbols in Israel from the Lord Almighty, who dwells on Mount Zion.” 

The Kingdom Academy is now about to enter the Fourth Quarter of 2019-2020! This means it’s time to go full steam ahead. We are ready and postured to reach the finish with higher intensity in teaching, learning, life experiences, and achievements! There’s an urgency to see the next generation arise with purpose and follow up with the intention God has for each, spiritually and academically. As our visionary and founder, Dr. Levy H. Knox, has said, “God doesn’t see you in your current state, He sees you in your intended state.” We are focused on the intended state in “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders to be Disciples of Christ,” that they may become an influence, impacting generations to come. With this in mind, we have sought out purposeful and engaging experiences for our eighth grade class with leadership in mind. This is a special spotlight of the February 11-13, eighth grade class trip to Montgomery, Ala where our eighth grade students proudly served as Pages on the State Senate Chamber floor at the Alabama State House. Our students served among State Senators and the Lieutenant Governor. They had the distinct honor of having dinner with State Senator Vivian Figures being able to ask engaging questions. They sat in on committee meetings where initiatives are created before presented for a bill. They were able to witness real bills being adopted into action and more. They became a part of history being made.

This trip has marked our students firsthand with purpose for greatness! While in Montgomery, they visited historical sites. They were favored to be guests of Senator Figures. Among many things, the students were quite impressed to know some of the Senator’s memorable moments such as the passing of the “Hiawayi Robinson Missing Child Alert” bill as well as the “Smoke Free Air-Act” bill of which she sponsored. Our students toured the state’s Capitol, walking historical grounds, being impacted, and making an impact everywhere they went. They were also honored to visit the Dexter Memorial, the church where the late Dr. Martin Luther King preached and served as Pastor. They were given special access to areas which definitely made a statement. Our student represented the Kingdom of God well! They even visited the Equal Justice Initiative offices and went to the Legacy Museum and Memorial. After reading JUST MERCY by Bryan Stevenson, impacted by his work, our students will never be the same!

We are proud of our Eighth Grade Students and the way they served as true Ambassadors of the Kingdom Academy! “Training Tomorrow’s Leaders to be Disciples of Christ.” Thank you Dr. Levy H. Knox for being such a Visionary to see young leaders arise! We want to extend a special thanks to Senator Vivian Figures for making this experience so memorable and for taking such time out of her busy schedule and pouring into our students with invaluable moments! Thank you Mrs. Aja James and Mr. (Coach) Stephan McCord along with all our Teachers, Parents/Guardians, Supporters and Sponsors who helped make this trip possible. 

– LWCC Kingdom Academy
Pastor Della Knox


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